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FAQ’s – Infrared Heaters

Questions about our Heaters

  • WHAT IS THE WARRANTY ON THE HEATER? The EdenPURE ™ and SunTwin ™ Heaters have a manufacturer 60-day Money-Back Guarantee and a 3-year warranty.
  • CAN THE HEATING ELEMENTS BE REPLACED? Yes. If at any time during the three-year warranty something would happen with the unit, the manufacturer will replace/repair your unit. During or after the warranty period, please submit a service request (available through the troubleshooting guide for your related product). If your warranty is expired, we will submit your information to a qualified service center to assist you with your product.
  • WHAT IS THE LIFE EXPECTANCY FOR THE QUARTZ ELEMENTS? Average element life is 20000+ hours or approximately 12 to 20 years. The Quartz Elements are replaceable by an authorized service dealer.
  • CAN I USE A SURGE PROTECTOR OR POWER STRIP WITH MY HEATER? NO. It is designed to plug directly into a grounded 110 volt 15 amp or higher circuit receptacle.
  • CAN I USE AN EXTENSION CORD WITH MY HEATER? Avoid the use of extension cords because the extension cord may overheat and cause a risk of fire, however if you have to use an extension cord, the cord shall be no. 14awg minimum size and rated not less than 1875 watts. The extension cord shall be a 3 wire cord with a grounding type cord and plug connector.
  • I DON’T HAVE A GROUNDED OUTLET; CAN I USE A CORD ADAPTER OR REMOVE THE GROUNDING PLUG? NO. If you don’t have a grounded outlet, contact a licensed electrician in your area for advice. Removing or altering any part of the heater will void the warranty.
  • CAN I USE THE HEATER AND ANOTHER APPLIANCE AT THE SAME TIME? Yes, as long as they are not on the same circuit. Portable, Infrared Zone heaters are considered to be an appliance. You should not run more than one large appliance on a single circuit breaker. Your freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, dryer, and other such appliances should not share a circuit breaker.
  • CAN I USE MORE THAN ONE HEATER AT A TIME? Yes, but you should make sure they are not on the same circuit. Each heater and appliance should be on its own circuit.
  • CAN I MOVE THE HEATER AROUND WHILE IT IS OPERATING? It is not recommended to move any portable heater while it is operating. We recommend moving the heater once the fan has completely turned off.
  • HOW MANY KILOWATTS PER HOUR DOES THE HEATER USE? Heater model GEN3-1000 and the SunTwin ™ use approximately 1.263 kilowatts per hour. Heater model GEN3-500 use approximately half the kilowatts per hour as the GEN3-1000 models.
  • THE HEATERS HAVE FILTERS? HOW DO I CLEAN THE FILTER? The EdenPURE ™ and SunTwin ™ heaters come equipped with a washable lifetime filter which is easy to clean. The manufacturer recommends the filter be cleaned once a month or as needed. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Pull up on the latches on each side of the filter to release the filter. Remove it from the rear of the unit by tilting out and lifting up at the same time.
  2. Run warm tap water over the filter, the opposite direction of air flow, until water runs clear. The filter might excrete some filtered residue, so be cautious not to drip on any stainable surfaces such as carpeting. You can also soak the filter in water mixed with a small amount of mild dish soap (don’t forget to rinse with water after soaking filter).
  3. Shake the filter over a sink until excess water is removed and allow it to drip dry completely before reinstalling. DO NOT force the filter to dry using any alternative methods.
  4. Reinstall the filter to the rear of the unit and secure side latches by raising them up and locking them down in place.
  • DO THE HEATERS GENERATE IONS? Yes, a small amount of negative ions.
  • WHAT IS ZONE HEATING? Zone heating is about focusing heat where people spend the most time. After all, there is no point to heating multiple rooms to 68+ degrees when they are not in use.
  • MY HOME IS NOT INSULATED VERY WELL, WILL THIS HEATER HELP ME? Yes, but keep in mind that rooms with little insulation will not retain the heat as efficiently.
  • ONCE I INITIALLY PLUG THE UNIT IN AND TURN IT ON, HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO HEAT MY ROOM? Generally, it takes less than an hour. Please remember that with any type of heating process there are many variables: size of the room, how well the room is insulated, how many door/windows, how much bare concrete (which acts as a heat sink with any type of heating), the opening and closing of an exterior door, etc…
  • CAN I USE THE HEATER ON A JOB/CONSTRUCTION SITE? The heater was not designed to operate in a high dust construction environment. Using the heater for this purpose will void your warranty.
  • CAN THE HEATER BE USED IN A BATHROOM? It is not recommended due to the moisture that is in a bathroom.
  • CAN I USE THE HEATER IF I HAVE VAULTED CEILINGS OR CATHEDRAL CEILINGS? Yes, but it will take a little longer to heat the room initially. Once the room has reached the desired temperature the heater will cycle on and off accordingly.
  • WILL I BE ABLE TO USE THE HEATER IN A BASEMENT OR GARAGE? Yes, but keep in mind that rooms with little insulation will not retain the heat as efficiently. Bare concrete floors act as a heat sink and will absorb some of the heat. Placing the heater a few feet above the floor will allow for more efficient heating.
  • CAN I USE THE HEATER TO HEAT MULTIPLE ROOMS AT ONE TIME? Yes. Keep in mind that heating will vary based on how open your floor plan is and the sizes of the rooms involved. We have heard back from many customers stating that with the help of ceiling fans they have been able to heat multiple rooms simultaneously by placing the unit in a central room. Our suggestion is to just give it a try to see if it works for you.

Product Support Download Page

If the questions you have are not answered above, visit our product manual downloads page on the ProProducts & Service Customer Support Page.  If you are a ProProducts & Service customer and can’t find your information there, call us at 616-698-2445 and we will try to assist you.  New customer inquiries should be made at the same telephone number or by sending us a message.

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